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  • Mr. Ruff showing off his soccer skills while social distancing ⚽️
  • Here is a picture of Mrs. Coffey’s kids, Juliana and Callen on a family hike. We hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather today!
  • Here’s a picture from Mrs. G and her grandson Tahj... even the little ones have to keep learning!
  • Mr. Burke sent in his latest ✋ video 😂. Never miss a tiny high five Friday!
  • Ms. Blaine and her daughter Marley have been taking walks at Forest Park to get some fresh air! 🌲
  • Mr. Ruff took a walk up skinner today to keep active!
  • Mr. Theriault and his daughter Charlotte made a TikTok and it came out better than we ever could have expected! We hope all of our Dupont families are finding fun ways to do some family bonding!
  • Here is a photo of Mrs. Morrison and her family enjoying some fresh air during this time of social distancing! ❄️
  • Mr. Chrzanowski is showing his cat, Yaz, why you never get involved in a land war in Asia.
  • Vitamin C anyone?! Nurse Kendra’s dog Abbey wanted to remind all of our students to eat healthy foods, get enough rest, and also try to get some exercise (following the restrictions for social distancing of course).
  • Looks like Ms. Worthy’s son Kayden is practicing “social distancing” from his mom on their walk today 😆. They enjoyed their walk at the CT bike trail-located behind Pride on Riverdale road, and said it is a great spot to get some fresh air!
  • Ms. Bishop’s daughter Amelia is encouraging you to go outside and play this weekend!
  • School Arrival
    MORNING DROP OFF is on the way UP Academy St. Just pull over, let child out, then continue up Academy St. OR drop off on Front St. in the front of the building.

  • Preparedness
    Please be sure your student has EVERYTHING they need when they come to school. Also be sure that they know how they are getting home. We will not interrupt classes to give messages/homework/gym clothes etc to your child.
  • Busing Issues
    BUSING issues and questions should be addressed to the transportation department: 413-594-3520.
  • School Departure
    Dismissal is at 2:08.

    WALKERS will be let out the front doors of the school so the best place to pick them up is right on Front St.
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